New grape shine = eggplant...any others?

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  1. Wanted to start a separate thread just to discuss this issue. FelixOscar first noticed the difference with her newly arrived Trophy Bag.
    New Trophy Bag

    Well, I just received mine yesterday, and was extremely surprised that the leather was so soft, smooshy and dark! I actually had reservations about the old grape shine because it was a little too bright and stiff, so this change turned out to be a BLESSING in disguise. I'm IN LOVE with this new deep purple. :love: Plus, I have many HH bags, and this leather definitely is one of the softest and most luxurious! Now i'm tempted to purchase the Trophy Satchel, assuming the new batch of bags all use similar leather.

    Would appreciate more reviews and pictures as you HHotties receive your latest shipments of bags. I'm wondering if the grey, yam and black shine are also different from what's on the HH website. Can't wait to see pics of the long awaited Trophy Satchels!!
  2. I'd love to see pictures of yours too...:flowers:
  3. :faint: Congrats, I'm glad to hear that you LOVE this new GS! I thought that the v 1.0 GS was too bold for me but I am loving the muted v 2.0 one. I wonder if they will let me reinstate my BS TS order but swap over to GS? :biggrin:
  4. I will try to post some pics tonight. I also received the Allen Bag in black shine, and that leather is definitely stiffer and crinkly. Not like the grape shine at all. Oh, but an interesting thing about the Allen is the runs 'north-south' instead of 'east-west' if that makes any sense..So when you hold it on your shoulder and unzip and zip it from you to away from you instead of from side to side. Okay...will try to post pics of it too.
  5. xiao, can you tell whether the stitching is pink? On the original ones, they were using a cool contrasting pink thread... in this pic it doesn't look like it has that edgy contrast?
  6. The contrast is a light purple, not pink:sad: I wish my camera worked!!!!
  7. I don't know why this is so upsetting and why I can't TELEPORT myself to Detroit to actually see it in person!!! :P DAMN THEM for dropping the cool pink contrast. And the sueded side of the leather is more lilac/blue purple than the rosy purple on the samples, right?

    What's your take on the color diff?
  8. The new color is a dark purple/black/aubergine. Does that make sense? It is really dark almost black. You have to take it by the sunlight or bright lights to see the purple. The other "peely" one was lighter, more vibrant blueish purple. I don't really see any blue in this at all. More like eggplant.
  9. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    With a :censor: thrown in there. :cursing:
  10. Grey Shine IRL vs. stock photo, seems to have a darker blue tone to it.

  11. FRANK. Frank. Frank. Frank.

    OK. Carlie... Nikki... time to man up to the bar. Shift the balls so they're hangin' free off the barstool and decide what we're drinkin' tonight.
  12. ^^LOL. Somethin strong!!! I will say that the feel of the leather is divine!!! Super smooshy and soft. I do love that at least.
  13. ^^ Don't ask me; I have no idea where that came from :biggrin:
    Ladies... maybe it's just a matter of imagining ourselves different. I guess that's what I meant. There's a drink at Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater OK, called the "Skylab Fallout" (you can tell how long Joe's has been getting students blind-drunk). I thought I was getting the Skylab Fallout. It turns out I really wanted to order a $100 bottle of musty Bordeaux. Am I that kinda girl? Sure. Have I been imagining myself as a Skylab Fallout girl for the last six months? Yes. Am I enough of a schizophrenic Gemini that I can swing both ways? Absolutely. Did I initially fall in love with the Aubergine only to HATE it in person because it was thin and plasticy? Yes. What do we do???

    We go buy the BRIGHTEST purple bag Linea Pelle ever dreamt of making.
  14. Nikki, what color is the sueded side of the leather? (On the Havana it'll be in evidence on the Clyde)
  15. Haha...Or RM or Treesje!