New Graffiti Pochette!!

  1. Congrats on the great price.
  2. ooh thats soo exciting! congrats!!
  3. It looks great, congrats!
  4. Congrats!!
  5. Awesome!
  6. Great deal....congrats!
  7. Great deal for sure, congratulations!
  8. Congrats..!!!
  9. Great deal and a great bag :yahoo:
  10. Wow you got it, yeah Let-trade has some really good deals, that's excellent especially for a discontinued piece. Congratulations:yes:
  11. yippy! that's a FAB pochette! congrats and can't wait to see pics when it comes in!!
  12. :yahoo:CONGRATS!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!:wlae:
  13. Congrats! I was looking at that one for a long time (ended up finding one a little cheaper).....but when I was inquiring about it he said no rubbing off of the it was a great deal for you!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats!!! Graffiti is soooo gorgeous :heart:
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