New Goyard Marquiese

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  1. beautiful bag, congrats!!!
  2. lc -- this is such a gorgeous bag! I love every special detail on it!
  3. Gorgeous! I love the color.
  4. wow its a nice bag i saw it in th botique n liked it but i already ordered th vendome.. but nxt time i might this one n i luv th midnight blue as th sales lady called it

    congrats on ur purchase
  5. Thanks all for the lovely compliments. I love this bag.
  6. i'm so jealous!!! I forfeited my waitlist for the Grenadine.. not sure if i love it..... now i want the Marquise!!! omGoyard!!! Congrats! I'm sure we can't wait till you get back to show more pics.
  7. beautiful bag! can you post a picture carrying the bag?
  8. Love it! Congrats!
  9. :ps: so pretty!
  10. hi, does anyone have an idea of the strap lenght? thanks
  11. Fabulous--and good color choices!
  12. Super nice!
  13. ;) thank you longchamp for this nice update :smile: it is an improved version of the hardy :smile: do you have any idea what other colors they have ? thank you
  14. I think it comes in all the colors that the St. Louis is offered in but not for sure.
  15. Very lovely design