New Gouchos on E Luxury!

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  1. Here's the tote in brown:


    Medium Saddle in Brown


    Hmm - I don't think I'm crazy about either of them... but I think I like the single saddle better.
  2. I'm not too crazy about them...although I did like the white that someone posted not too long ago.
  3. I don't like the bigger one. I think I like the medium, but i don't know how crazy about it i would be if it wasn't the IT bag...
  4. Yes - I know what you mean...if it wasn't the "IT" bag - would I even look twice at it?

    It does look good on some celebs arms though. I'll need to see it in person.
  5. The more I see it, the more I like it. I love how it looks on Jessica Alba. But I'm just not so sure about spending so much money on an "IT" bag. I already did that with the paddington, even though I still love it, of course. I am wanting to make my next couple of bag purchases more classic choices, like Chanel or another LV. Ugh, so confusing :wacko:
  6. I like the tote; but, have sworn off "it" bags for the time being.

    I would like to see one IRL - just to have the oppurtunity to check out the construction/function.
  7. Hi girls,
    I have the 2nd one...just got it last weekend. I'm such a freak...I keep going back and forth now thinking I should wait for the tote. Which one do you think is better looking...the tote or the shoulder bag? Thanks for any input!!
  8. It reminds me of the bags that the pony express carriers used bag in the old days! Looks like a saddle bag too.
  9. Can you post a pic of yours?
  10. Is there a pic of the tote? The color in the pic above isn't the best color IMO, I like the white or red personally.
  11. I like it better in the brown, or the red than the white, but I'm still not that excited over this bag. Maybe it's just me.. but I'm not sure if this is really the IT bag of the season/year (at least for me !).
  12. You know, that tote picture makes those handles look way out of proportion with the bag (IMO - grossly so).
    In the picture of Penelope Cruz with the tote she had it on her shoulder with what seemed like no issue.

    I very much am a stickler for scale - if things are out of scale or grossly out of proportion I think it is garbage; I would definitely have to see this bag in person to make further comment on the tote style.
  13. i like it in red or white, not crazy about the brown... hope they are getting in other colors.
  14. gaucho footwear
    gaucho1.jpg gaucho2.jpg gaucho3.jpg gaucho4.jpg
  15. accessories to complete the look
    gaucho5.jpg gaucho6.jpg