New gorgeous shoes.....unfortunately too big

  1. I got a pair of ysl flats on sale online and snapped them up in a size 38 (I'm either a 37.5/38) and was so upset when i got them and they're too loose on my feet! They kept slipping whenever I tried to walk around at home with them on :sad: is there any way I can make them fit better/smaller? Thanks so much girls! :smile::flowers:
  2. oh no!!!! i HATE that!!

    hmmmm...i guess it depends on where they are too big, and by how much. i know you can get pads to put in the shoe in the front area and around the heel, which should take up some space and mold to your foot so the shoes fit more snugly. i would take them into a shoe store and see what pads they can fit you with. also a cobbler might have them. hope this helps, and good luck with your shoes! i hope you find something that works!!!
  3. Try heel liners. Dr. Scholls makes great ones that will make them a little smaller and grip the back of your foot so they won't fall out. If they're still too big, put cotton balls in the front of your shoes. It works like a dream.
  4. get out! Cotton balls! omg I have a ton of shoes that are too big. Running off to see if this works.

  5. thank you so much girls!!