New Gorgeous Bag from Chloe....

  1. I put this in the wrong forum, but here it is, the Elvire Crossbody hobo. They also have similarly styled, in a satchel. I saw it on the Chloe site, but couldn't copy the picture...

  2. I have the Elvire satchel in black and I love it. I posted pics awhile back but most people seemed not to like it so much.

    I like that it's edgy and the leather is really interesting imo. Haven't seen the crossbody hobo irl yet but looks great from the pics
  3. Yeah, I love the edginess of this bag too!
  4. I am definitley eyeing the crossbody style! Love the look!!!
  5. Very subtle but distinctive bag. Top marks!
  6. Wow.. thats kinda cool. I like the style...