New goods!! My first picture post in months!!

Feb 17, 2007
Long Island
Hey guys I have made a lot of posts and promised a lot of photos but my puppy ate my camera pc cord to my 1927 digital camera and I cant find a new cord. I am off today and finally decided to take some new pics of new stuff I have been talking about and go to CVS and put everything on a disk. So without further delay, here are some new goods!!

First, in January my wonderful boyfriend decided to get me an early V-day gift. I love him and he usually does not spoil me so, but this was an amazing gift.

Then, since I didn't get any presents on Valentine's day I treated myself to some Cherry Blossom

Then come March, the LV bug hit me again and I had to pick up some Watercolor :love:

And I just wanted to share with you, the first bag in my collection, the bag that started this damned obsession 7 years ago.
The Monogram pochette, a gift from an old boyfriend in Christmas of 2001. She has outlasted many LV's in my collection!

Thanks everyone for looking. If you like shoes, I have a similar thread in The Glass Slipper.