New goodies...

  1. whoa...... very very classy stuff you have. congrats....
  2. Oooh I love the sandals, congrats ! :yes:
  3. I absolutely adore the Bedford! The color is gorgeous! Please enjoy it, The shoes are great too! Good choices!:love:
  4. Very nice! I love that color!! :yes:
  5. That color really pops in the photo's!! Great choices...congrats!!!!
  6. Gorgeous purchases, I love the vernis color!
  7. i really love the colour, i never realized that it would that gorgeus IRL.

    congrats, ILOVEPURSES :heart:
  8. i love indigo, congrats on your great deal!!!
  9. LOVE Indigo and LOVE those shoes! good for you!
  10. Love the Indigo! And as a shoe, love the sandals! Congrats!
  11. Nice. The indigo is hot!!!
  12. wow! gorgeous LV pieces! :yahoo:
  13. That's hot! The indigo is amazing!!!
  14. They are stunning!!! Gongratulations!
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