New goodies!!!

  1. Damier Speedy 30, Damier koala agenda and Taiga desk agenda in dark gray.
    Speedy.jpg Agenda.jpg Taiga.jpg
  2. ooh lovely goodies congrats!! Love the damier print hehe
  3. Wow, have fun with your great new things.
  4. Thanks you guys! I forgot to mention the taiga agenda is for my husband. That one smells so good, it's all leather. Kinda thinking I just might have to borrow it.:graucho:
  5. Congrats! Enjoy!
  6. Congrats.
  7. Pretty : )
  8. Very nice! I love the desk agenda!
  9. I love the desk agenda! espically Taiga... ;)
  10. The picture I took of the Taiga came out darker than it really is. Here's a picture of the front that comes pretty close to the actual color.
  11. congrats and enjoy
  12. Congratulations!!! I SOO want the Damier Speedy!!
  13. congratulations!! great pieces!!
  14. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Congrats!!!