new goodies!!!

  1. just got back from the outlet in dawsonville, ga. i got lots of goodies!
    i wasn't going to go, but i ended up giving in and got exactly what i wanted!
    first, THE BEST DEAL EVER is on the baby bag in that satin (you know what i'm talking about? can't remember the style...). i ended up getting it for *$60*. (apparently it had "wear" to it, so it was marked down an additional 50% off after another 50%+20% off...). i'm HOPING it fits my books for school, because they said no returns on this one. it was what i originally went in looking for and they said they didn't have it. i saw another girl pick it up and i nearly stalked her until she put it down! they had another bags i could have used for school, but they were all signature and i didn't want BOTH the bags i'm carrying to be signature. the one i got is black.
    i got two keychains. breast cancer one and one with dangly stars and hearts. i also got another mini skinny that i've giving my friend for her bday (along with one of the keychains). the mini skinny was only $20! yeah!
    i got that scarf print in an umbrella. gorgeous and pink! i love it!
    a black ipod case, that i'm debating on if i should keep or give it to my friend...
    a blue leather pill case thingy. (which i was actually thinking that i needed on the way up, but didn't think they even made them! lol!)
    AND a large checkbook wallet in that lime-ish green color (w/white leather) for $80! (down from $189!) the color wasn't my first choice (at all), but the price sealed the deal.
    i'm SO happy!!! i spent $340 and got SO much! yeah!

    PICS to follow!!!:smile:
  2. OMG! I almost got one of those baby bags a few weeks ago and it was $150. That is a GREAT deal! I can't wait to see pics!
  3. Congrats!!!!!

    Please post pics!!!!
  4. when she originally told me the price, it was $120. but when they rang it up, it showed up with that extra 50% off! :yahoo:
  5. WOW! Great deals and purchases. Enjoy
  6. Beautiful!!! :yahoo:

    You will love that pill case... I have one and it is sooo handy! :wlae:

    I am soooo mad the closest outlet to me is 4 hours away! :hysteric:
  7. I am SOOO Jealous!!! THAT was the baby bag I was hoping to find at my outlet but instead, all they had were the little hobos and mini tote! AND for $60!! WHAT A STEAL! If you don't want it, sell it to me!!! :smile:

    Enjoy your new finds!! Congratulations! :smile:
  8. :crybaby: tell me about it!

    i know coach designs it so that you'd rarely find an outlet within range of a full price store but i don't have a car (live in sf, transportation is not the best but apparently it's better then other places) but usually i have friends who'd drive me to places.

    just none of them is that much of a coach fan *sigh* that they'd be willing to drive 2 hours just to see what's in the outlet stores :rolleyes: like i would if i did have a car.

    but i also hate to drive and that's a whole another issue

    great finds kallison!
  9. Awesome deals and very cute stuff! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. aah! i just switched my books to my new bag and it's PERFECT!!! it even holds two of my huuuuge psych books (plus binder and misc crap). and i LOVE the fact it zips (my current bag doesn't).
    and the black is SO nice, too! (though i have to admit, the gold hardware is going to have to grow on me, along with the green lining...but that's okay! it's just minor details!)
    i have this ridiculous grin on my face, you have no idea!
  11. GOOOORGEOUS! :biggrin: Congrats again!
  12. Beautiful finds! Congrats!
  13. I want the umbrella!! Great items, congrats. :yahoo: