New Goodies!

  1. Finally I got my Inclusions! Not all of them though, as I'm still waiting for the white bracelet and ring which according to my SA, none of the stores have received yet.

    On with the pics! :yahoo:

    Too many boxes (oddly enough, I was given one of these larger boxes instead of the cute mini box for the ring)

    With the pastilles charm I got a couple of weeks ago

    Close-up of the keychains

    And the rest of my Inclusion collection

    Thanks for letting me share! :flowers:
  2. Wow! I love them all! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. Wooh,very nice collection!:nuts:

    Even in Switzerland,we didn´t have received the ring & bracelet in white (we only have received the cellphone strap).
  4.!!!! love them all..congrats!!
  5. Wow, they're all gorgeous. Congrats!
  6. wow :nuts: CONGRATS!!!
  7. That's a lot of inclusion!

    I LOVE it all though!
  8. woweee!! lucky you!! congrat! they are all so pretty!
  9. Wow! Great collection you have. Love the new berry colour.:yahoo:
  10. Love it! Congrats on all your new goodies. We didn't get the white inclusion bangle in Hawaii yet either.
  11. Congrats! You are making me want to go pick mine up! I only got the key all your stuff ! Thanks for sharing!
  12. WOW everything is gorgeous! Congrats! :biggrin:
  13. Stunning key chains. I just realize I don't know anything about LV key chains....I'm still new at this.

  14. Aww very cute. :heart:
    I've asked my SA about them and they still haven't gotten theirs. Sigh.
    I just might have to order from another store.
  15. woweee lucky girl!!!!!!!! I love the berry color!!!!!!!