new goodies!!

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  1. :yahoo: it isnt much, i went to check the mini skinnys and the mini wallet, but couldnt convince myself to buy it. then i saw those gold beauties, the last ones that they just unloaded lol. i think im either going to keep one or sell both, but ive never sold anything before, so i still have to look into that, and then i wanted the tan wristlet, but they are always so damaged at the store, so i picked up this apple green one, its nice, although i still am not happy with its condition so i might exchange it next time i head around. so on coach wishlist:: well i would get it as soon as i would find it lol but::

    *scarf |
    *mini wallet \/
    *mini skinny if i cant find my dream red wallet..
    *key chain purse
    fishies.jpg close up of fishiesss.jpg
  2. hey, congrats on your new stuff! that shade of green is smashing!
  3. Cute purchases..I love that shade of green on the wristlet. Congrats!
  4. thanks girls.. i think im going on an apple green binge, first with the apple green purse, now with the wristlet.. now only if they had a wallet or skinny..:love: :girlsigh:
  5. How much do you want for the goldfish?
  6. Love everything! Darn that cute fish! You guys are making me want one bad! That color is really cute, I'm glad you picked it over the tan. Tan is boring compared to that snazzy green, lol ;]
  7. Fishies!!! The outlets I went to doesn't have any fishies! =( Lucky you!
  8. Congrats! Now I'm beginning to want one of those fish too..They're so cute!
  9. I love the green and the fish keychain! Congrats!!
  10. I think the green wristlet w/ the fish keychain is adorable! Looks wonderful for summer :smile:
  11. AWESOME selections, aarti! WOO!!!!!
  12. omg. i LOVE that gold fish keyfob! almost as much as the monkey!
  13. LOL the fishies are too adorable aarti, I love them! :heart: I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail!
  14. They still have the goldfish at some of the Macy's here (Calif. bay area)
    I just bought one this week. Not on sale, but if you make a purchase at Macys today (and maybe all weekend, not sure) you get a $10 gift card for every $50 you spend. I just bought a $400 bag this morning and got $80 to spend next week! I guess it'll be a minny skinny to match the bag next week!
  15. thanks all!! lol im still deciding the best way to sell them, i should know by the end of this month, i thought of going through this ebay store in my downtown area, but he wants like 30% of my profit, so im still trying to figure it out.. thanks all for the lovely praises and congrats buttons! remember to post picts :heart:3