New Goodies

  1. I received a PCE card, so I had to get a few lovelies...any guesses?

  2. I'm not going to guess, But I would love to see pics! :tup:
  3. I'm no good at the stripping posts and's what I got...


    Finally got a Carly after wanting one for ages, and the new spring scarf after seeing someone on here modeling it, I knew I needed one.
  4. I love that scarf!
  5. Congrats, LOVE the Carly and beautiful scarf!
  6. Wow love your purchases... congrats! Love the carly! :tup:
  7. I love the carly and the scarf!! Good choices!
  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love your new things!
  9. I love, love that scarf! May I ask what price you paid for it? I wish I had a PCE card so I could get that.
  10. Love the scarf and i'm a huge carly fan. enjoy your purchases.
  11. Holy Crapburgers I love that scarf! O_O
  12. How do coachies wear a scarf like that? Or do you even use it (is it a collector's item?) I think I would wear it around my hair like women used to do to protect their hairdo's in the 50's but then people would stare at me as no one does that anymore. Nevertheless, I still LOVE that style! Your carly is nice.
  13. Congrats! I loooove that scarf and am kind of kicking myself for not getting it w/ PCE, but I have another Coach scarf that size thaat I hardly use so I talked myself out of it. The colors are just gorgeous, though. :girlsigh:

    You will love your carly - that size is perfect.
  14. Beautiful goodies...congrats!!
  15. Gorgeous scarf. I have been dying for a chocolate Carly too.