New goodies....

  1. I finally got time to go to the Coach outlet today...I've been wanting an umbrella and a ponytail scarf. I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would have something at least when I got there. And guess what..they had BOTH!!!!

    I got a blue signature umbrella and the ONLY ponytail scarf there which happens to almost be the same color! I was super excited about it..just had to share!
    coach umbrella.JPG coach pony.JPG
  2. great finds. I really love the ponytail scarf!
  3. Those are super cute! Love them congrats!!!
  4. Very cute buys!! I got the exact same umbrella :smile:
  5. i saw that umbrella yesteday. I had to stop my self though because i have 3 umbrellas....for no good reason :supacool:
  6. ^^I know what u mean...I have 2 and live in Los Angeles :shame:
  7. love em! i'm partial to blue...:graucho:
  8. that is a beautiful ponytail scarf!!!!!!! so you do understand that youll have to wear that scarf everytime you use the umbrella right?

    i think the best thing about pony tail scarfs is that you can use them as a headband, a regular ponytail bow, or on your versitile! congrats on your finds!
  9. I love the umbrella!
  10. Thanks everyone...I love the blue color! I couldn't believe they had matching umbrella and ponytail though!!!!

    I got so lucky to actually finally find exactly what I was looking for!!:yahoo:
    This is my first Coach umbrella so I hope its a good one!
  11. Great finds! I have scarf envy! :greengrin:
  12. Very cute ponytail scarf. Congrats on your goodies!
  13. Lovely! Congrats!!!
  14. love the color of that umbrella :smile:
  15. Congrats! :yes: