new goodies

  1. in a total lack of self-restraint i've added these to my accesories wardrobe over the last couple weeks (clockwise from top left):

    ** don't know why, but the colors didn't photograph well -- for example, the tohu bohu is all bright summery colors but it looks beigey here. ???
    • les lumieres de paris plisse in red -- from the NY sale;
    • legende kuna peuple de panama in chartreuse, olive, yellow and orange -- from the NY sale;
    • tohu bohu plisee in white -- from the NY sale;
    • chevaux d'apres Van der Meulen in acqua - from the NY sale;
    • texas wildlife in bright pink -- from eBay;
    • voie lactee in black -- from a collector -- IT DOES GLOW!!! :p
    • tsitsika in red -- from the NY sale;
    • kune peuple in turquoise -- from the NY sale.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and i also got these amazing long driving gloves at the sale and the alfred dedreux - peintre du cheval bangle from fleuresetcarlines. now i need to buy a convertible so i can toss on a headscarf, sunglasses, my driving gloves and the bangle and drive to a polo match . . . .

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Wow !!!! What a beautiful collection !
  3. What gorgeous colors everywhere!! I am in love with the gloves. Congratulations on all of your lovely pieces.
  4. OH, DQ, what a magnificent haul!!! Ooh la la, the driving gloves!!

    You truely are the queen! A busy queen at that!
    What lovely selections you made,
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. thanks! so much for only collecting horse designs . . . :push:

    (pssst CB, are you interested in the aachen scarf in white?)
  6. Fantastic choices!!! I love all the scarves ...and the gloves are really fabulous!! Congratulations on EVERYTHING!
  7. Love love your new finds, DQ - those gloves are amazing! Love the silks and your enamel bracelet! Very very fun!

    Keep us posted on the convertible :yes:
  8. I got to try on those gloves, they came up to my shoulder, and then DQ had to tell me they were elbow length.
  9. Oh,DQ, especially love those driving gloves!

    Great goodies and so much fun!
  10. Gorgeous items !!!
    Congrats on your new additions to your collection !!
  11. DQ, girl you have been BIZZEE!! What a great haul!
  12. yummy! I love an H binge!!
  13. Wow, you did well!!!!! Congrats, love your new goodies, the gloves- hot (as my teen would say).
  14. pm'd you lightning fast, you doll!!!

  15. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!! Look at that haul!!! Thank God I wasn't there at that sale 'cause those gloves would have gone home with me.........and I can't even USE them!!!! But I LOVE elbow length gloves.....something about them!

    CONGRATS, DQ!!!!! Fantastic purchases and I LOVE that bangle!!!!