New Goodies---wheeee

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  1. I just received two pairs that I ordered from Saks. First, a BIG shout out to Hlfnn :yahoo: for letting me know that she was returning a pair (the last I think) of magenta simple 85's that did not work for her. I loved them when I first saw them on, but was not able to pre-order them so I thought I was out of luck.

    So after some pm's and coordination, she returned them and my SA got them for me. I also got the NP's in tobacco. The "nude" ones aren't on me, but the tobacco color is great and, to me, has the effect of being my nude.

    I am having issues with Iphoto right now, but here is a teaser and I will post more once I get them formatted correctly.

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  2. They look great!!!
  3. Looks great so far! Glad you wear able to track down the magenta simples.
  4. Oh so fabulous that you were able to coordinate and work it out. Hlfnn is so sweet and helpful. How wonderful to get two new pairs of shoes of gorgeous shoes. Can't wait to see all the photos.
  5. that's some good English that I learned! Obviously there should only be one "of shoes" in that sentence!! Sorry.
  6. ^^hehe, i always have typos like that

    Ronsdiva they look BEAUTIFUL on your feet!!!! I love that color cant wait to see your other pics!!
  7. whoooooooooohoooooooooo! so glad you got them and love them! it was like a covert op! lol. love those np on you! they are GORGEOUS!

  8. Yay!!! They look great!
    We should all get together & open our own boutique. We know more than most SA's and even know more than the computer systems lol
  9. Those are beautiful on you! CONGRATS on both pairs--I love the Magenta Simples, too! :yahoo:
  10. ronsdiva - Congrats! So glad that you were able to get those!!! I agree hlfinn is a great help. We do know sooo much more than the SAs about inventory and color choices. They should love this forum - it helps their sales so much!!!!
  11. Gorgeous, congrats!!!
  12. Love that colour ronsdiva :tup:

    I also love being part of this little community whose reason for being is to enable you to have the shoes you want. TPFers have already managed to locate 2 pairs of HGs for me - it's lovely that you guys will go out of your way to help someone on the other side of the world buy a pair of shoes :hugs:

  13. Very nice! I want to see more photos :smile:.
  14. Those look great on you!
    I can't wait to see the magenta simples!:heart:
  15. Beautiful! Congratulaions!
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