New Goodies today!

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  1. I went to my boutique today and got the new Scribble Heart Ponytail Scarf and the Valentine's Day Scarf Print Mini Skinny! They are so pretty. And the mini skinny even has a little pocket on the back! And I picked up the Frog Prince Key fob as a present for my mama. :yahoo::heart:
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!! I love the scarf!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Very cute I love the mini skinny!
  4. Pretty! :heart: I like that the mini skinny has the pocket.
  5. Cuteeeeeeee I :heart: the Vday Print!!!
  6. Very cute!! Thanks for showing!
  7. too cute!
  8. Congrats! :tup:
    I just saw the mini skinny the other day and didnt even notice the pocket in the back. Its very pretty and Love,Love the scarf!! I must have one! ........Maybe.....
  9. How fun! I love that mini skinny, it holds so much more than you would expect. Love the scarf too. Any special bag you're planning on putting it on?
  10. Adorable! I LOVE the scarf print, pink seems so perfect! Great Purchases!!!
  11. I love that mini skinny!
  12. Those are too cute! Love 'em both!
  13. I actually love to wear my ponytail scarfs as a headband. I have a whole drawer full and it's so much fun!
  14. Aw I love them both, that scarf is so pretty.
  15. I love those! They are soooo cute! Congrats!