New goodies this week *pics*

  1. LOVE everything!!! I've been wanting some Chanel pearls too. Did you buy them in the boutique? Can I ask what retail was?
  2. I love everything too!!!! Beautiful! CONGRATS!!!!! Modeling pics please, esp. the red one!!! :love:
  3. Beautiful congrats.
  4. oh yes... i do love the pearls//
    retail smooth i believe is $575
  5. Absolutely wonderful pieces!! Congrats! :drinks:
  6. Yes, I bought the pearls through the Chanel boutique in Tyson's Corner, VA. They were $695. I love them, and I've been wearing them all weekend.
  7. *drools* Love all the pieces you got! The red flap is simply georgous!
  8. lets see a pic with them on yah
  9. Everything is so pretty.

    I especially love the red flap. Can you tell me the exact size and name of it? I'm looking for a red and some reds just don't work for me but I'm loving yours.

  10. Piperlu, I think it's a model called East-West, it's a bag with one flap, I think you will find more posts about it if you search in the forum :smile:

    Tammy, I love all you bought!!! :smile:
  11. It's the single flap, single strap east/west. Here's the item number A28598Y01480, and the color number is 81643. The red is showing up brighter than it really is is the picture.
  12. Tammy Congrats!!! :yahoo: I've been waiting for the pic of the red flap! It's stunning, actually all your new items are AMAZING!
  13. Tammy your new purchases are amazing!!! I love that red so much, and those pearls are tdf! Congrats!
  14. :love: love everything. :drool: the pearls.
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