New Goodies = New Pics!!

  1. Well...I can't stay away from this site, or the Coach store. My Mom had been lusting after the new embossed leather Book Totes, and we went back on Friday. Well, the bordeaux in the embossed leather has been calling my name and although I really, really, really wanted the book tote, well, I knew it was going to be a really impractical color for I decided on one of the new flap wristlets just so I can satisfy my urge for this color. I love this new style, it's a bit roomier. So here are pics, with and without flash, and open so you can see the little pocket.

    I also got a first one, I love how Coach is spelled out in rhinestones.

    On another note, we are back to Coach today, my Mom and her new tote were not bonding. She likes the rolled straps and the embossed tote has flat straps.
    Img_0613.jpg Img_0614.jpg Img_0615.jpg Img_0616.jpg Img_0617.jpg
  2. Nice! I'm really liking these embossed pieces that Coach has in their collection this season.Hmm, might have to get my hands on one now.

    Thanks for sharing your purchases with us.I love your color choice and gorgeous scarf too!
  3. Ooooh! Very cute!
  4. Pretty! Congrats!
  5. I really want this wristlet! This color is so pretty and I've been dying for an embossed piece. You said its roomier than a normal wristlet right? Do you have other wristlets you could compare it to so I can see?
  6. Oooh! The flap wristlets are really neat. :yahoo:
  7. The flap wristlet is soo cute & the rhinestones on the scarf is pretty. Congrats!
  8. I do! I will take some pics tonight comparing them.
  9. congrats! i love red!
  10. I was really wanting something in the embossed line, but the only thing the Fair Oaks Coach store had was wallets and mini skinnies. :sad: So I got a mini skinny in Mahogany and that was all. They kept harassing me about all the other new stuff they had in, but I said they didn't have what I wanted, and I wasn't going to order it just because they were out. Now I have to decide if I want to go out to Tysons to see if they have anything there, or just be happy with the mini skinny and stop spending money already. LOL

    Edited to add: I just checked the Coach site and it looks like the only Coach store in VA that has the full embossed signature line is the flagship store at Tysons Galleria. I don't think I want an actual bag, but I'd love the flap wristlet or maybe even the pouch. Decisions, decisions!
  11. ^^ LOL good luck with that!

    congrats!! its really cute! and the scarf is lovely as well. do you know how you're going to wear it? congrats again!
  12. I'm not sure how I am going to wear the scarf yet...I was going to tie it on my new booktote, however it's just too overpowering with all the signatures going I am thinking it will look great on my Mahogany leather Soho hobo.
  13. Very Cute! I love the scarf :smile: