New Goodies ... new flower charm/poppy tote!

Jan 9, 2006
What I got for Christmas:

My gorgeous poppy tote ... it amazes me at all of the stitching! Here is a close up (with my Celine Dion charm I got from a friend, I'm a dork, I know)


I went to the mall yesterday with a $50 GC from my kids at school and bought these two things.


Here I am on Christmas Day with my new purse :biggrin:

Thanks guys ... forgot to say ... what is the deal with people carrying fake Coach bags in Coach?!? Yesterday the store was pretty crowded, and I saw THREE fakes. One Katy tote that was WAYY smaller, one of the tye-dye satchel shapes in khaki sig/hot pink 'leather,' and some wierd hobo. The satchel girl was actually buying a bunch of stuff too! I just found it odd.
LOVE the bag! i'm so jealous! (and i want that celine charm, too...)

as for the fakes...i've noticed that, too. maybe they were gifts and they just aren't educated enough to know they're fakes?!
Yeah I've seen people wear fakes to the they are literally falling apart & the signature pattern is fading (it was the spring patchwork)the bottom was leather & it's supposed to be tan suede LOL I find it quite amusing.
you look so pretty in your pict! Stalker Alert: did you dye your hair darker? whatever you did from the picts of your other pages vs. this, you look fabulous! I'm thinking of buying either the clover or the lip charm, but i may have to go ahead and get the clover now! (in case I didn't push it further).
Ewww, I've noticed a few fakes being carried in my local Coach boutique, too.


Sometimes, I feel I should say something but my mom says maybe thats all that they could afford at the time or they got them as gifts...