New goodies & look at what I got for Hubby for Christmas

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  1. Here's all my new lovelies :love:
    DSC01423.jpg DSC01424.jpg DSC01447.jpg DSC01441.jpg DSC01493.jpg
  2. DSC01501.jpg DSC01515.jpg DSC01521.jpg DSC01533.jpg DSC01535.jpg
  3. :drool: Gorgeous loot! I'm in love with your bronze flats. I've never seen them, how much were they if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I love the LOOT ! Amazing ! :drool::heart:

    im thinking of getting a laptop is yours heavy? weight and colour are very important to me hihi
  5. WOW! Looks like you had a great christmas! All your stuff is gorgeous, I especially love the chocolate lady dior and w/ the little matching coin purse. So adorable! Congrats!
  6. I got them on sale for 250 ish after tax at Nordstrom Palo Alto. It was the only pair left and in my size too.
    I have seen this one in the same color dior heels at NM milpitas outlet at $165 but it was half a size too small. So I think this might be a few season ago's color?

  7. I know hon.. the color is so so pretty. Go see it at electronics store. U gonna love it. The whole thing around the keyboard is pink too. :love:
  8. be still my heart lol:heart: its probably twice the American price in this crazy country I live in now :push: maybe it could be a new job gift from myself to myself once i start working hihi

  9. well hopefully by the time you do get it, it'd be on sale :love: Nothing cheers up a girl like a good deal.

    And thanks to fashionguru, I love that chocolate color too, very easy to maintain and different from the normal black.
  10. Holy cow, very nice! Great purchases, congrats!
  11. Great purchases...very nice presents
  12. such great stuff! you are one lucky lady (saw your other thread, your husband is very sweet!)
  13. Your bag is gorgeous! I love, love, love it!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!