New goodies Lilac question

  1. I love the lilac in the new catalog (that I never got in the mail, but got at the store when getting my silver key fob today). This is what it says
    "COACH SOHO Bags. White shown. Black, Camel. (Lilac available in Flap only.)"
    This is what I want in the lilac/leather. Is that what this means? Can ya'll clear it up for me. I love the flap braid and I love the lilac and I have a birthday coming up!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Mine says:
    Coach Soho Leather Hobos. Lilac shown, Black, Camel, White. Small No. 10574 $198. Large No. 10576 $298.

    Ohhh never mind. I see where you mean on a different page. It says Lilac available in small flap online, starting in Feb.