New goodies! i <3 coach!

  1. i got some adorable flats, and a make up thingamabobber.
    (id love to know the real name of it!)
    im not really a coach girl, but i just couldnt LIVE without these things!

    most of my coach things are/were shoes.
    sorry about the pic if its not that great. cell phone..
  2. OMG, so cute!! u lucky girl!!!
  3. congrats!
  4. Those are so cute!!
    Love the makeup bag!
  5. Very cute.
  6. Great stuff! I love their beauty cases and those flats are too cute!
  7. I really like that makeup bag! Enjoy your purchases!
  8. So cute! Congrats!
  9. your pic is pretty good considering its from a cell phone! you must have an awesome phone.

    i love the black sig stripe cosmetic case. its the smaller one right?
  10. Very cute shoes!
  11. i believe its the smaller one. and actually i just have the razr from verizon. i just sent a pix message to my email frommy phone, and it turned out really well.
  12. I'll be the first to admit...I am NOT a fan of the patchwork print...however those shoes are totally adorable! For some reason, the patchwork really works on those skimmers!

    Enjoy your purchases!
  13. Fun purchases! Enjoy them....great car you are working towards too.
  14. OMG, you got the shoes i've been lusting over... lol... I STILL can't decide 100% if I want them or not... aren't they just SO cute!?
  15. those shoes are sooooo cute!!