New goodies! Happy early Valentines Day to me!

  1. I had to pick up these two items - I may put them away until February, or I may use them as soon as the scarf arrives! This will go so great with my new red Hamptons carryall. The lanyard was available at the store and the scarf they had to order. The store was a complete mob scene, but I had my items #s all written out, and my favorite SA came over the greet me as soon as I got there. I gave her the paper w/the number and asked if I could use the PCE discount, and she said sure!:yahoo: These two little beauties came to $59!

    I saw some of the new stuff but the store was so crowded that I really couldnt browse much. There was a lovely lilac satchel for around $348, but it was a little smaller than I'm used to. I'll have to go back after the holiday return rush is over.
    heart scarf.jpg hearts lanyard.jpg
  2. Wow, your quick......Valentines already? Qute stuff.
  3. Love both your goodies!

    Happy early Valentine's Day!!
  4. aww i love those! I :heart: valentines day, hearts, and coach!!!!
  5. Yea, you know...any excuse to buy!:heart:
  6. Two of my favorite things....Coach and Valentine's Day!!!!

    Cute things!!! :smile:
  7. so cute!!!
  8. ADORABLE...I LOVE hearts!!!!! ANYTHING w/ hearts!!! Especially COACH!!!
  9. Love your new goodies!
  10. I understand your logic. You have to have them before valentines day so that you can wear them ON Valentines day ! Your just being pro-active lol !
  11. Is that the same scarf they had last year for Valentines day? I was on the website and wondering about it. Last year it wasn't availible until Febuary 1st (I was able to get it early though :graucho:). Does anyone know why it isn't any different?:shrugs:
  12. So cute! I'd have a hard time waiting until Valentine's Day to use them, lol!
  13. Those are cute, congrats!
  14. Your ponytail scarf is soo cute! I saw that last year and didn't get one. I am glad they brought it back.

  15. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!