New Goodies from today!!!

  1. I went a little crazy at Coach today, because I went in to get a Legacy Patent Leather French wallet in purple, the Strawberry Key Fob, and a Heritage Swing Pack. I got those (except Swing pack, I forgot.. see below) and in addition..

    Bleecker Straw Tote # 11798 (white)

    Legacy Ponytail Scarf # 98339

    Heritage Stripe Large Beauty Case #40923 (pink)

    The Straw tote will not show up in the drilldown, but it's on Page 4 of the new catalog!!
    I had a hard time deciding between White and Geranium.. if I don't like the white I will be returning it for Geranium..

    I can't wait to get them all.. Should be Thursday!! :yahoo:

    On a sad note I totally forgot to get the Heritage Stripe Swing pack. I was going to get it for all the Astros games I will be dragged to this upcoming season. They took my PCE card for the first time ever. I wonder if they will be nice enough to let me order it since I just plain forgot today? :confused1:
    41505_d2.jpg 98339_d2.jpg 92282_d2.jpg 40923_BKHPK_d2.jpg
  2. I love everything. The purple patent color is tdf. That scarf is on my wishlist and also I gotta have that strawberry keyfob. You have great taste.
  3. OMG I love that ponytail scarf and the gorgeous patent wallet! The beauty case is stunning too! Congrats you had a fun filled day of Coach!

    I hope they let you order the swing pack with PCE. You should call them up and speak to the SA that helped you. I would hope the SA could accommodate you.
  4. Great stuff, Tara! Can't wait to see pics of the scarf when you get it! I like the strawberry charm too! It kind of reminds me of the Juicy keyfobs.
  5. Wow, that all looks great! The straw totes look really nice in the catalog--can't wait to see them in person.

    Yeah, I imagine the SA would help you out with the swingpack, especially since you ordered all those other items.
  6. Very cute items you picked out! I wish I would have gotten the PCE:sad:
    Enjoy your new things and I hope they let you add on your swingpack. They are being a little more strict this time around!:confused1:
  7. I love the strawberry charm, it is so cute! I noticed it is not on the website though--does anyone know the item number? Can it be ordered through JAX? Thanks!
  8. You chose some beautiful items! I hope you love them all when they arrive! I'll keep my fingers crossed that they will let you get the swingpack.

  9. The item number is 92282 and you can order it through Jax or your store!

    It will be coming out in stores soon!
  10. Thanks Tara (if you don't mind me calling u that)! :smile::angel:

  11. No Probs, and no I don't mind.. that's my name ;)
  12. Congrats, LOVE the scarf and can't wait for pics!!
  13. I'll be curious if they let you order the swingpack (and I think they should let you!) as I had a similar feeling after getting home with my purchases yesterday. I like what I got, but I really want something that is new and not in the store yet.

    Your purchases are all great, I think the straw bags are really cute this year and I'll be interested to hear how you like yours.
  14. [​IMG]
    Love this!
  15. I like your new goodies!!!
    I hope they let you use the pce for your swingpack.