New goodies from the past 3 months :)

  1. Here are all my new goodies - mainly LV , I am still waiting on my mono theda GM and my mc sandals ... but as I had not taken some pics for a while here you go




    Here are my LV shoes so far ...

    and my ''stuffed' whiskey paddington :shame:
  2. aawww the last picture is so cute! Great new buys!
  3. I love the reade, very cute !
  4. The strawberry earings are so cute! and the flat sandels. How much are they?
  5. Sooooo cute!
  6. GREAT buys!!!:love:
  7. I paid about £70 UK pounds for the pink ones, and about 170 UK pounds for the charm ones - they retailed for alot more .. not sure of the exact amount .. I am now just waiting for the sun to come out here in the UK to wear them :love:

  8. Thankyou again for the cerises refills I love them -- am still holding out for an LV agenda - I am currently bidding on a MC one but did want a cerises one but they are sooooooooo expensive .. but I do love them :love:
  9. Beautiful buys kimmy! Love the limited vernis!
  10. nice purchases! cute sandals. love that whiskey!
  11. Love the wedges and the pooch!
  12. How do you buy it for less than retail?

    and how much are the earings?
  13. i adore the lv shoes and tht perfo. pochette.

    lol i really really want the perfo speedy !!
  14. Awesome buys!!! Good luck and enjoy them!!!!
  15. ooooh, great buys! I love it all. and we are reade twins! :smile: