New Goodies from the Coach Outlet! Pics!

  1. So, I've made too many trips to the Coach outlet recently--bargain hunting and such. Today I found two great deals! This top handle pouch is just gorgeous, and is pink inside. It's got the flower embroidery and a few crystals. I've seen it in orange but never in pink! I bought another one for my sister's birthday next month!

    I've also been looking for this red patent leather phone and they had those, too!

    I also saw that they now have tons of the goldfish key fobs from last summer. They are really gorgeous!:wlae:
    tpf2 (Large).JPG tpf1 (Large).JPG
  2. I WANT A GOLDFISH FOB SO BAD!!! :crybaby:

    Gorgeous choices. I love the pouch and the phone is too cute.
  3. Oh, that phone is :wtf:... How much were the goldfishies?
  4. I don't know b/c they still had them behind the counter and weren't out yet for sale. I imagine they'll be ready soon. I bought mine last year at a PCE. Love it! It's really gorgeous!

    The phone was only $16! I've been looking at them on eBay but they've been hard to find and usually about $30. :wlae:
  5. ty!
  6. I love your two new goodies they are sooo cute!!
    That phone is adorable!
  7. Great finds! I adore that keyfob - how quaint that it's "rotary" dial.
  8. OH I need that phone! I'm working at an answering service and would love to get it for a going away present for my boss. *This will be slightly braggy I apologize* Because I got a new job today and am leaving after 6 years! I finally have a job to accomodate my degree!!!!!!!
  9. Big super congrats to you!

    Yes, I bought that phone b/c I spent several years in sales in my previous life (and really enjoyed helping my accounts) and I'm still on the phone a lot, even today! I think it's going to go on my natural slim tote! :supacool:
  10. I bought the phone keychain a while back at the outlet too! I had been looking all over the place for it. Now I just need to figure out how I want to wear it. (or which bag gets to wear it) LOL

    I am sure you'll love it as much as I do! (I think the Natural or White color bag will really make the patent red leather stand out)
  11. congrats!
  12. I love the pouch -- so cute with the pink flower! And the phone fob is pretty too. Congrats!
  13. zomg goldfishhhhhh i've wanted one for so long! I hope they have it on Friday when I go! :biggrin: great purchases; thanks SO much for sharing, I need my outlet fix!!!
  14. your goodies are nice. It was worth the trip!

    Karenmae, Congrats!
  15. Great purchases! Great deals, too!!!