New Goodies from Seattle!! (PICS!)

  1. Hey Ladies! These are my two new lovely bags from my weekend trip to Seattle. I aslo took an updated pic of my collection as of now...I've been collecting since I turned 19, so two and a half years. Let me know what you think of my Coach!
    1 001.jpg 1 002.jpg 1 003.jpg 1 004.jpg
  2. Oh, I forgot to say the prices! The swingpack was reg price, $118 (but I couldn't resist the punch!!) and the hobo was on sale at the outlets for only $140!
  3. Oh thats the exact swingpack I wanna get for my trip to DC! Can you show me what it looks like on?!

  4. Love both the punch swing and the hobo!!! I'm surprised you found the punch swing pack - I thought they were sold out! Don't you love shopping on vacation? I'm from the Seattle area so it holds a special place in my :heart:
  5. I was surprised to find the punch swing as well...they're old out in Vancouver and I grabbed the last one at the Alderwood mall :smile: I'll go and take a pic with it on now!
  6. Love, love the punch swingpack! Congrats for finding one!
  7. This is a horrible pic of my but here it is on
  8. eep thank you SO MUCH for the piccy! =D IT's SOO friggin cute!
  9. great buys!! :smile: and great collection

    i just exchanged the smaller light blue soho hobo cause it was wwaay too small but the large looks great!
  10. ooh i love the blue hobo!!!
  11. Yeah I was thinking of the smaller hobo because it was so cheap (only about $100!) but for only 40 more, I went for the large...fits waaaay more of my crap!
  12. The Punch swingpack is gorgeous, I want one! I'd kill for a sig stripe tote in Punch. Nice haul! Lovely!
  13. great buys!!
    congrats =)
  14. Lisa, looove :heart: :heart: the blue hobo!!!

  15. I was reading this post because I'm from the Seattle area.. and then you wrote Alderwood Mall and it made me happy because that's just minutes from my house lol