New goodies from H Honolulu

  1. are the new goodies from my little spree in H the way, the Kelly is clemence, not box. I posted the list quickly....maybe I am wanting a box...:p



    The white is a 40cm, the rest 35cm. Hard to tell, some are slouched more than others. The 50cm is AMAZING!!:yahoo:

    P.S. First posted this in "Shopping", someone suggested to post here as well!!
  2. WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! Amazing haul!
  3. WOW!!!! Love the bags!
  4. You have amazing collection!!!! Love the white/GHW combo!!
  5. Wow, quite a "little" spree! Everything is gorgeous!
  6. Great shopping.
    Did you get these at the Ala Moana store or the Waikiki one?
  7. woohoo! what a great h loot!

    what color is the kelly? rouge h? tia
  8. Great haul! Congratulations! The kelly looks a little stiff - is that the new clemance or is it fjord?
  9. 50cm in Waikiki, kelly and jige at Ala Moana. Both stores had some great stuff....35cm matte havanne kelly, mini kelly(color don't remember) tangerine constance amongst other things. Waikiki had a 25cm tangerine birkin, a couple of kellys, white and blue(not sure which) amongst others. Great stock in both!
  10. OMG stunning!! Congratulations on all your beauties! I adore your whole collection, so gorgeus.
  11. Thats is quite a shopping spree. Congrats I love them all lined up. Thank you for sharing with us
  12. Clemence:yes:
  13. Wow! :nuts: Congrats on your amazing haul!
  14. yes, rouge h!
  15. WOW