New goodies from Coach this week!

  1. I bought the small patchwork agenda (from Coach store - I also have a matching handbag) and the leather wristlet (from Coach Outlet) this week.
  2. I bought this Coach oversized charm from eBay, just got it today and hung it on my hamptons white hobo bag
  3. Last but not least, I bought the patchwork wedges from Nordstrom Rack today! Next to the shoes are 2 ponytail holders from Nordstrom Rack as well!
  4. I love what you got! My favorite is that agenda.
  5. woah you've done well for yourself, haha!

    great purchases. loveeee the agenda and shoes
  6. Great haul!
  7. Wow! I'm not a wristlet girl, but that wristlet is adorable! I want one!
  8. OOoh! I usualy don't like patchwork too much, but that agenda is GORGEOUS :smile: Congratulations!
  9. I really like the wristlet too!:smile:
  10. Congrats!
  11. Beautiful buys!!! Congrats on your newest additions!
  12. What a gorgeous wristlet!!! You've had a busy week!!!
  13. Wow! All of your purchases, including the white Hampton hobo displaying the keychain, are AMAZING!!!!! LOVE all of them!:tup: