New Goodies for me! Dentelle & More *Pics*

  1. Hey all! : )

    I rec'd a text from my DH saying that Karen Kooper had sent me something in the mail. I was a little worried because I did not purchase anything from her lately, but the card said it was sent just because. Included in the package was a Marc Jacobs heart mirror, MJ keychain and some LV/Chanel extras. I was really touched by the gesture, she is so sweet and thoughtful, I was overjoyed!

    I also got the Dentelle Ludlow today. I wasn't a fan before but I am now! I love it.

    Here are some pictures to enjoy:




  2. awww Karen is too sweet!!

    And loveeeee the dentelle wallet!! thanks so much for the close-up pics!
  3. The wallet is HOT!! Congrats! :smile:
  4. Congrats. The wallet is beautiful.
  5. Congrats!!:p

    I saw the Dentelle belt IRL today, I thought i'd LOVE this line, but no.....
  6. congrats Michelle! Karen is soo sweet! I love that wallet!
  7. Congrats, Michelle! Love the Dentelle Ludlow. You got a lot of goodies from Karen!
  8. Very pretty wallet, congrats!
  9. Aww yay! This is a better preview hehe. Congrats!

  10. Aww. I didn't like this line AT ALL when I saw it online and in the look book but now I REALLY like it. :love:
  11. The Dentelle wallet is beautiful, & that was very thoughtful to send the gifts. Pics are great. Congrats!!!!
  12. Love that wallet!!!congrats!!!!
  13. What a gorgeous wallet ... Karen sounds wonderful as well, it was very thoughtful of her to send you some goodies! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful wallet!
  14. Wow, first close up pic of the Dentelle IRL. Congrats. Nice Ludlow.
  15. Thanks all. Sorry about the crappy pics, the Dentelle is really nice in person, IMO. I did not like them in pics at all.