New Goodies & Even More S/S info (new bags too!)

  1. First I'll start with my (& my BF's) new goodies

    This bag he bought awhile ago but I've only just got round to putting pics on it is the Olav

    Today we got these

    Flip Flops (my BF's)


    Carnet de Bal
    Pastilles phone Charm
    Silver Miroir Pochette
    Orange Perfo Plate

    Now new bag info I had a look at a look book it was totally different from the pics posted earlier but had loads of info I'll write as much as I remember.

    LVoe - Along with the totes there is a Brooch, Phone Charm, Hoop Earrings & Scarf/Bandana (not sure) all are Gorgeous

    Inclusion was shown in RED for Valentines collection

    Dentelle - There was a little photo patch of the bag with silver and the bag with gold the silver stands out much much more IMO, there will also be a dentelle belt

    Denim Patchwork Crossiant - it said wrong picture so not sure what this one will really look like

    Epi Noe will be made in White & Canelle

    New Antigua Cabas will be released it is cream with blue strips (like the lining is inside the Antigua's)

    Denim Collection - small sac a dos will be/is discontinued along with ........pleaty!!!

    There will be a damier azur squash racket cover released (so hot) there will also be a set of boules (you know that french game where they throw the ball up in the air and try to get to land close to the "jack")

    New lugagge - rolling keepall type thing (i.e. keepall with wheel and retractable handle)

    3 new Mulitcolour bags (sorry don't remeber them that well)

    1 limited mulitcolour I will try and draw this for you soon
    Also a mulitcolour scarf/bandana that is really cute it is white with large LV in middle & border they are both made up of small multicolour squares like a mosiac very very cute!!

    New bag will be released in damier, damier azur & mono I think (will also try & draw this)

    There will be some small leather goods released in mono for PDA, Ipod, Camera and a damier wallet for id cards with leather necklace to wear around your neck this was in store today and is very cute.

    I have no idea of prices sorry I tried to remember as much as I could, I'll update is I remember more
  2. Wow! Great report, thanks!

    Congrats on new pieces :smile:
  3. beautiful purchases!!! a question regarding the inclusion! do u know what pieces? will there be new rings? tia!
  4. I am so excited about the new MC items!! Can't wait to see pics of them!
  5. wooohooo great report! Did you by any chance see the price of the patchwork speedy?
    Can't wait to see your drawings!
  6. all the price where in euros which is strange because we use the pound anyway I think it was about 1300 euro which would be about $1680 (using

  7. the only inclusion that was shown was a bracelet so I don't know about the other piece but the colour is gorgeous a nice deep red
  8. Thanks! Much higher than originally in the look book...bummer :sad: Off to call my SA!
  9. thanks for the info!!

    GAWD...I wish my SO would be into designer stuff!! Totally HOT to see a MAN wearing anything LV!! Lucky girl ;)
  10. ok my drawing is terrible and doesn't even make sense so the mulitcolour limited bag is has leather corners like the mono stephen but they are in coloured exotic leather (don't know what type) the white MC will have darker leather corners the black MC bright colours

    the damier, azur & mono bag has a slight doctor bag style to it and a metal plate on the front like sophie
  11. Your hot bf and I coulda been sandal twins!!!

    Congrats on all the new stuff!!!
  12. Nice purchases,enjoy. :smile:

    [New lugagge - rolling keepall type thing (i.e. keepall with wheel and retractable handle) ]:supacool:

    My SA told me about these last night,she said they are actually dufflebags on wheels :yahoo: ,can't wait to see those.

    Thanks for all the updates.
  13. wow, thats some great information. you have a fantastic memory!! I looked in the look book as well and there wasnt any difference to the one already posted. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  14. congrats on the new also mentioned some thing Iforgot about SS 2007... what did you think of those mono bags with the net over it? LOL...
  15. nice haul!

    nice bf too! lol ;)