New goodies at LZ

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  1. Maybe it's just me...I really would not like to have a Birkin/HAC with that 'S' stamp on it!
  2. Baggie.......they had a 28cm HAC a little while back in Toile/Barenia that I'm STILL kicking myself about because I passed on it and by the time I'd thought twice about it (which was all in about 5 minutes) someone swooped in and snagged it! I STILL think about that bag even today!
    I probably would have had to sell my DD's soul to the devil to get it though so.........
  3. I just noticed that now, didn't see it at first. Is it a S stamp for Sale or?:shrugs:
  4. "S" stamp is for a sale item. Gotta go take another look at where that is...didn't see it the first go-around.......
  5. It's in the middle...right below 'Hermes Paris made in France', ON A VERY VISIBLE place!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Can't they take that out at the store? I'm sure something can be done,.. no? :shrugs:
  7. Beautiful HAC, tho. I wish the S were not so up front....those of us who leave our Birkins open with the flaps tucked in leave this front of the bag very visible where the S is....
  8. Have you seen their CHOCOLATE 28 Kelly Boxcalf, pall h/w??????? is SO BEAUTIFUL - I could LICK it!!!!!!!!
  9. Lovely Birkin !

    I'm sure LZ would tell the buyer before it was purchased, - but fyi, it was purchased at an employee sale (see the numbes after the S) and it is my understanding that these bags cannot be taken to Hermes for reconditioning, just like the shooting star bags. There is also a BJ Birkin with the same markings.
  10. That's even WORSE! NOTHING CAN BE WORSE THAN NOT BEING ABLE TO GET RECONDITIONING!!!!!!!!:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :Push: :yucky: