NEW GOODIES!!: a big damier, some vernis, and a little LE

  1. what a big month for me! i really dipped into my savings with these purchases!!! I can't believe i managed to obsess over LV during the school year and exams but here we go! :yahoo:

    -Damier Speedy 25 (boutique)
    -Vernis Ludlow in Amarante (boutique)
    -Groom Cles (eBay!! for $218. 50)

    My SA even gave me a big box and big dustbag so that I could keep it in the dustbag unfolded. yay!
    dspeedy.JPG dspeedy1.JPG dspeedy2.JPG dspeedy3.JPG
  2. the ludlow! please excuse the fingerprints...:p
    ludlow.JPG ludlow2.JPG ludlow3.JPG
  3. groom cles!~
    groom.JPG groom1.JPG groom2.JPG groom3.JPG
  4. great loot! love it ... congrats!
  5. mooorree groom pixxxx. :push:
    groom4.JPG groom5.JPG groom6.JPG groom7.JPG
  6. great stuff! congrats!!!
  7. Wow! great purchases congrats! I love anythihg in amarante.
  8. Great purchases! :tup:

  9. Congrats! Love the Amarante Ludlow!
  10. Amarante has really grown on me.
  11. nice purchases! congrats!
  12. aww congratsss :]
  13. Love the groom! Congrats!
  14. LOVE the Ludlow and the Cles and Speedy are great! Congrats!
  15. yay!!! congrats on your gorgeous goodies!!