new gold clutch

  1. I was scrolling through the coach web site and i clicked on the bleecker collection on the front page, it took me to another page i scrolled down. when i put my mouse over reed's inspiration in the picture it showed a gold clutch and other bleecker items that i new about!!!!BUT does anyone know anything about that gold clutch i must have it! Is it coming out soon?:sweatdrop:
  2. Wow!! I LOVE that!! What a beauty! I know nothing about it, but I'm sure someone does on our awesome forum!:heart:
  3. It looks like similar ones they had at the outlets, although not in the pretty gold metallic leather. I still love my Zoes though!
  4. hm.. it does i missed out on the other ones so hopefully this one will be mine!
  5. My SA told me something about a clutch coming out for the holidays, but I thought she said it was sig stripe - maybe they'll come in different colors or it has sig lining. Anyways, I think she said it would retail for $298. (Sorry for the sketchy details...I wasn't paying close attention b/c I knew I wasn't interested...)
  6. I love my Zoe too...but I was at a wedding this past august, with my striped Zoe, and my SIL had a gold lurex framed wristlet...seemed like it held more than the was so pretty...and I would LOVE a silver or gold framed wristlet...hear that Coach?!?!

    thanks for posting that link...I need to hunt through the coach site more and find gems like this...never saw that page before...
  7. hm.. well i hope it comes out soon it might have the linning in it since it is all gold that makes it even better!
  8. Wow! That clutch is beautiful!

    Hope it comes in different colors!

    Not a big fan of gold..
  9. Is that clutch gold or bronze? It looks more bronze to me. Pretty either way!!!!
  10. :drool:
    So pretty...
  11. The clutch is availible to order through CBSR (the big red book.)
  12. I am such a sucker for clutches and that one is so pretty. :love:
  13. Coach has had clutches like this in the past, I believe the soho line, in many colored leathers, suedes and a dusted metallic suede, they are nice and roomy for a little thing.

    perhaps called wristlets?
  14. what is CBSR (the big red book.)??? how can i find it?
  15. If you go to the boutique, they have the Big Red book that shows most of everything that can be ordered.