New Glazed Black vs Dark Grey

  1. ok, sorry to bother you guys! But do you think I should get the glazed black modern chain tote or hold out for the dark grey version? I have seen the brown and not a fan of it. But no one has seen the new dark grey. Any suggestions?
  2. Pocket in the City collection has a dark grey, do you think it's the same color?
  3. Which store ordered the dark grey?
    Was it Saks?
  4. Hmmm... I haven't seen the dark grey IRL, but I know my NM is getting the MC in the dark grey, in addition to the black and dark brown. If I were you, I'd hold off on making a decision until I've seen both, so that you know for sure you love what you get (cuz at $2650, it ain't cheap haha). :p I personally choose the black N/S MC tote, because I would use it more than the grey, and I actually loved the dark brown, but if I were to get that, it would be in the E/W version. Good luck deciding! :tup:
  5. Neimans ordered the dark grey.however, i just called Neimans in dallas to try to locate a black modern chain and she said the dark grey looks dark brown. so, here I go again-out to find a modern chain in black glazed......
  6. I have the dark grey from the fall 06 season and it looks like a taupe brown, definitely not grey at all.

    From what I was told about the new dark grey, it is more on the dark brown side whereas the dark brown is lighter, with an amber tone. Chanel never names their colors properly!
  7. I personally like the black, I bought the e/w MC tote in it. Great color and its kind of a lighter black IMO since it has that shine so its not too harsh.
  8. Are you looking for MC black glazed in e/w, or n/s? I had my name down on two waiting list, both bags are coming this week. Let me know if you are interested in one before I send it back.
  9. Savannah, thank you! But I just got one from Tysons Corner VA after a long day of locating. However, Neimans in Dallas has one so does Vegas :smile:
  10. ^ I am so glad you found one! Yay!!! Congrats!
  11. I love it black.