New Glasses -what a bummer the COST!!!!!

  1. I got two pairs yesterday -they had a sale @Lenscrafters and I broke my work glasses.
    Even with 250.00 allowance from work I spent 500.00!
    I had no idea how expensive they would be-of course I got D & G and a pair of Pradas but GOSH! I also needed progressive lens and visit(that was 92.00)-I am just shocked!
    Two years ago I got a pair and Ralp Lauren sunglasses, -and only 250.00 after allowance.
    But dang these new ones:tup::tup:, they look good...........
  2. Pics, please! :p
  3. OMG, I just got a new pair of glasses toooo and they were soo expensive, I was torn between these Prada frames and another pair I think (Adrienne something) at another store... even with Lenscrafters' 50% off lens sale, it was soo much and I ended up getting the (Adrienne something) from the other store b/c I had a $100 off coupon, the total STILL ended up being like $400.. :wtf:

    This was hard because I wanted to spend the time to pick the nicest frames so that I can actually wear the glasses outside of my my old glasses were too ugly to wear out, I always just wore contacts..
  4. I also bought a pair of new glasses. Only the glass though, that I'm expecting next week but it's gonna cost me 300 bucks just for the glass :tdown:
  5. I know!! I went to get my lenses changed the other day, and that alone was like $360!
  6. Wow! I guess I should be glad I can't wear glasses. I wear contacts. Glasses make me have a headache.
  7. :wtf:.. So expensive
    I got lasik surgery about a year ago, it is sore at first but you get so used to it and it's great:biggrin:
  8. I just got new Chanel glasses at Lenscrafters + lenses, it came up to over $430. It's definitely expensive. I kept my old pair, just in case.
  9.'re scaring me LOL I have to go out this week and get new ones (plus the appointment) since mine are 2 years old! I have a coupon somewhere though...$75 off and another one for a lenses discount.
  10. Ugh yeah I know.

    I just spent $300 on Nine West glasses...not even designer, really!
    I wanted Chanels but my mom was a huge NO to that because she pays for them.... :p