New Glasses (pics)

  1. Hey Prada tPFers :smile: This is my first post in the Prada section as I usually hang out elsewhere. I don't own any Prada bags, but I DO love:heart: their eyeglass frames & have 4 of them. Just picked up a pair today. I LOVE them. The pics don't do them justice. They are a dark-ish tortoise shell brown with crystal "flowers" on the arms. Took pics with & without flash.

  2. Very cute! Where were all these great frames (before I had lasik) when I was wearing glasses?! :hysteric:

    I love the look of Prada sunnies, but I don't like the way they fit on my face so I usually go Gucci with sunnies. My current love though is a pair of Bvlgari sunnies I got last month. LOVES! :tender:
  3. I love them...very chic!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. LOVE them!!!!! Great choice!
  5. OK..These have to be the CUTEST glasses i have EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love them. They are the cutest frames ever!
  7. Wow! Those are *so* cool! I love them.

    Enjoy!!!! :yes:
  8. They are so cute.
  9. Fabulous frames -- I love them! I just took my 13-yo daughter for contact lenses, and also for a new pair of glasses with her new scrip. She picked out a Prada frame pretty similar to yours, also in the tortoise, but with tiny pink baguette crystals on the sides and a little strip of pink next to the tortoise. They are GORGEOUS. I tried on frames for myself at the same time, and I would love the very same ones except with the crystals and the strip in a caramel color, but she won't let me.:sad:

    There's another pair I was looking at with a red or cream accent on the side that looked pretty good on me, too, but they don't have crystals. I need to find ones like YOURS!
  10. Everything about those glasses are gorgeous! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  11. wow, i love that frame. i think that i will start to look out for prada frames.
  12. very nice....i gonna post my prada glasses in a new thread of my prada collection!