New Girolata Bucket bag info?

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  1. So many threads, so many posts and I can't find the info I need. Sorry if this has been answered somewhere..

    I saw previews of the new bucket bag coming out. It's called Girolata, if I recall right. It's in Damier azur and unlike the Noe, it has a hand held handle as well as a shoulder strap.

    Does anyone have the following info on it?
    1. When is the scheduled release in stores?
    2. Does this come in one size only?
    3. Does it come in other materials other than DA?
    4. How much will it cost?
    5. Does it have feet in the bottom?

    Gee that seems like more questions than I thought.

    I also can't seem to find the photo of the bag anymore. If someone can show me, it would be great!

    My petit noe multicolore is one of my most favorite bags and I would be very much interested in this new one!

    Thank you!!
  2. I'm also very interested in this bag and information!!! Thanks for posting!

  3. Aww you're welcome! Nice to see another bucket bag lover!
  4. here is the picture borrowed from the "new bags 2016" thread... i guess it is only coming in da so far in one size with feeds. price is indicated with usd 1650 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458481802.523822.jpg
  5. and it should be released 25th of march or 1st of april [emoji7]

  6. That's the photo! Thank you!!

    Did you mean "one size with FEET"? I hope it has feet! Or at least a non-vachetta bottom.

    I also really hope it will come in more colors/materials. I would be too afraid to use DA since I wear dark jeans a lot and I have a toddler (who is into markers and clay and kinetic sand and oh my.. The list of things that can stain goes on!), haha!
  7. yes, exactly... it says 4 bottom studs in the description (picture borrowed from AAdams i think) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458482524.726524.jpg
  8. I do believe it will be available to purchase March 25th. Think you can reserve it or pre-order now. Only DA.
  9. Hi! I saw it in DC yesterday. At the Tysons Galleria Mall (McLean, VA) inside the Neiman Marcus LV. I could have purchased it - SA offered it, but I have kids and I am terrified of DA. It was GORGEOUS. Only coming in that color and is 1650.

  10. Thanks for all this info!

    Hmm.. "Inside leather closing patch". That made me stop and think. I guess it's like a tab from the back inside that you can use to close the bag. (Am I describing that right). Interesting. I wonder how that tab closes the bag..

    Anyway thanks again! I'm quite excited to see this!
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  11. Yeah I'm exactly the same. I have a toddler and I'm terrified of DA too. It's gorgeous but I know I'd be crying in a corner if I got it stained. Lol.

    EDIT/ADD: I was hoping SO MUCH that one of you guys said that this bag would come out in other colors/materials! [emoji13] oh well.. Maybe next time!

  12. Did tysons have the new DA crossbody (croisette)? TIA!
  13. I didnt see it... the only two she showed me was the girolatta and the new DA Neverfull with the light pink interior..... by the way the girolatta has a microsuede light pink interior as well.
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