New Girl

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  1. Hi everyone,

    So I didn't see a thread about New Girl which is on Fox starring Zooey Deschanel.

    Anyone watch the first episode?

    I watched it last week on Hulu and I loved it. I thought Zooey was adorable and so quirky.
  2. I loved it, Zooey was adorable
  3. i liked it!!! i'll definitely keep watching.

    i love zoey deschanel
  4. I noticed that the guy who played Coach is also on the show Happy Endings on ABC.

    He must be so busy!

    I can't wait to see more of this show.
  5. I saw this on the plane last thrusday. It was funny.
  6. I was wondering it it was the same guy! Busy guy!
  7. I think he's only in the pilot or first few episodes - I thought I saw promo pics with a new guy. Makes sense - I don't think the actor could film both shows.

    I really liked this - Zooey was great! I'll def keep watching.
  8. This was soooo funny!
  9. I was optimistic about this show...but I thought it was pretty flat and predictable. No season for it :sad:
  10. I thought it was kinda cute, there were some funny moments but most of the humour was pretty lame IMO. I'll give it another chance
  11. ironically, this show reminds me of happy endings
  12. I liked it a lot! Sure parts were predictable, but it was so cute and heart warming. I also thought it was funny. I'll definitely continue watching it!
  13. Cute show

    Coach = Damon Wayans jr
  14. Yeah, I think the guy who's also in Happy Endings won't be in the later episodes---I heard he signed up to do this one because they weren't optimistic about Happy Endings being renewed for a second season. Since it was, it would've gone against the contract to also do this show, so he had to drop out of this one, or so I heard.
  15. That makes sense. Shows he is a good actor and can get a job! I was not that impressed thinking about all the hype that went into promoting this show and what I saw. But it is still in my DVR to be recorded.