new girl with shopping questions!

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  1. hi everyone! i am new to this forum and new to chanel, i used to be a huge LV-aholic.

    I really want to look at some Chanel bags and learn more about the pricing... I live in Connecticut... does anyone know of a place in CT that sells Chanel?

    Thanks!! (oh, and any pictures or good websites with pictures/price info would be great. i know chanel doesn't sell online, but maybe there are some info sites?)
  2. this is the best place on the internet to find photos, colors and prices.
    Check out our Reference Library, lots of pics include people modeling them as well:yes:
  3. Saks 5th Avenue
    205 Greenwich Avenue
    Greenwich, Connecticut
    06830 Ready to wear - Handbags - Shoes - Other accessories (costume jewelry, scarves, ties) - Fragrance - Makeup - Skincare - Exclusives

    Got that info from the store locater on Chanel's website:

    It appears there is no Chanel boutique in CT. Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Bergdorf Goodman sell Chanel (although you should call first as SOME locations don't carry Chanel, but most do).