New girl, late to the party.

  1. Hi all. In my mid-thirties I have suddenly become a Coach fan (never having owned a purse that cost over $30 in my life!). I remember being very bored by their designs in the early 90s, and wondering why anyone would pay that much for such a plain, utilitarian handbag. (Hey, I was a baby hippy. Give me a break. :smile:

    So my mom took me to the Coach outlet in Oregon this Christmas, and bought me the Legacy Ali Slim Flap in Whiskey (for $200). I love the shape, the leather, the turnlock, the rich feel! I don't want to build a huge Coach collection, but looking at everyone's pictures in the reference threads, I have realized I REALLY like a couple of discontinued bags:

    - the Winter '06 Legacy double-pocket satchel. How easy are these to find, and what do they run for on eBay these days?

    - the Legacy Hippy Flap. Squeak! What colors did they come in?

    Also, how durable is the legacy satin stripe lining? It looks like it would snag in a heartbeat, and I'm afraid to put anything in it.

    Thanks for your time! :smile:
  2. Well, welcome to the party! It's never too late! We're glad to have you here at tPF!!!

    You can get a 2006 Legacy Satchel on eBay for a relatively decent price ($400 range, depending on color) and you might even be able to still get one at an outlet! I don't know what the outlet price was for these bags. I have one in black leather and I absolutely love it. I've had it for over six months and I've been carrying it every day since I got it!

    I see the Legacy Hippie bags on eBay from time to time but I think they are somewhat hard to come by. If I remember correctly, they weren't made for a very long time. It looks like the eBay price (for completely items) is around $275-300.

    As for the lining, I think it holds up surprisingly well. I know some people have had trouble with color transfer from the leather but it's not a huge deal. Stains come out quite easily, too, especially with a Tide To Go pen or baby wipes.
  3. I am 40 (but don't look it) and just got into Coach a year ago. I bought one bag and a wristlet. Now in 2008 I am building a bigger collection.
  4. I'm also a latecomer to the Coach 'scene'. my first one last year (Soho double pocket large tote---LOVE)...and thought I'd be fine with just the one. But nope...:nogood: I've been building a collection, which I never thought I would do!!!

    I love that 06 Legacy Double Pocket satchel!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  5. Hi, and welcome! Glad to see some more "30 somethings" on the forum. Although I'll be a "40 something" soon. I bought my first Coach bag like 15 years ago, and then stayed away until about 2 years. The legacy lining is great and I think holds up really well. I have the Mandy and I don't baby it. I throw whatever in there (except food of course!) and it always looks great!
  6. Hello and welcome. I'm a latecomer also! I only have been a serious Coach addict for a couple of years. I'll be 45 this month (yikes!). I'm building a nice collection and I love my friends on the tPF. Looking forward to having you join us.
  7. Welcome to tPF. The Ali is such a nice bag, congrats.
  8. Welcome!! Teh legacy lining is very very durable. I have a couple of bags with it and it's held up well. Happy hunting!
  9. Welcome to the Coach party. :flowers: Better late than never. I don't know the answers to your questions but I can tell you the legacy lining is tdf. I love showing off the inside of my legacy resort bag to my friends. I do change my purses out depending on my mood or where I am going... so mine may not get much wear and tear.
    Post a pic of your Ali. We would love to see her!!:yes::yes::yes:

  10. Welcome hun!! Just to let you know...the party never ends at tPF! You will LOVE it here! These people are amazing, trust me!:tup:
  11. It's never too late to join the party!!

    I love the Lincoln City, Oregon outlet!! Do you live far away from it? I am just under 2 hours away. I can't wait to get back. I really want to start looking for a new wallet!!

    Welcome to the purse forum!!
  12. Welcome ! I have a leather Ali the regular size one and I love it. I am nervous about the lining too and extra careful with it. If you like the 06 satchels, you may like the 07 satchels better, as they have the turnlocks as opposed to buckles. The 07 legacy stuff is supposed to hit the outlets soon. Good luck !
  13. Everyone has been very kind! Thank you.

    I actually live in Atlanta, GA. I was visiting my family in Newport when we hit the Lincoln City mall. So then I came home and discovered that we have a Coach outlet here in Dawsonville, about 1 hour north of me (in addition to 3 regular Coach boutiques in the city, plus the Macys and Dillards etc. counters).

    The Lincoln City and Dawsonville outlets appear to be the same size, so you're not missing out on a thing.

  14. Thank you!

    Hey, looks like Baby just found her very first eBay fake!

    (for reference:
  15. You are a baby! I just started with Coach last March. Now I have 8, including wallets and cosmetic case. And I am 50+! Never too late to realize quality is better than quantity!