New Gigi Colors!

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  1. Hope this wasn't posted already...
    I called Macys yesterday and they told me that the Gigi would be coming out in new colors: Yellow, Green, and Geranium.
    Nice spring colors!
  2. Green and geranium, I can see. But yellow? Eek. I believe it's also coming out in walnut.
  3. lol I know! the yellow is making my eyes hurt just thinking about it!
  4. Omg, the Gigi in geranium would be gorgeous!! I may have to start saving up. :smile:
  5. I'm loving yellow. can't wait to see what shade in yellow it will be.
  6. Green could be gorgeous, depending on the shade of green!
  7. I wonder what shade of yellow. I have a mellow yellow bug convertible and just got a yellow diamond engagement ring. Yellow seems to be working for me ... and I've been wanting this bag anyway!