New Gigi Brown Sig Tote & Legacy Swingpack!

  1. After much debate, a couple of returns and a few visits trying things on, I believe I've found the two bags I've been looking for!

    I decided on the brown signature gigi tote for my work items--small laptop, files, etc...the dark brown is dressy enough but can also be casual. I tried on the whiskey leather and loved it but worried that it looked too casual. It was also much heavier than the signature version.

    I also ordered the legacy swingpack since I needed a small hands-free bag for quick errands with kids in tow. My wristlet always left my hands tied up, so I think this is a great alternative. This swingpack seems a bit larger and roomier than the earlier models; I really love it!

    This is very new for me-I almost always buy Coach in leather but figured that these choices would be best for how I'd use them.

    What do you think?:yes:
    gigi1 (Large).JPG gig2 (Large).JPG swingpack1 (Large).jpg swingpack2 (Large).JPG
  2. I love the brown signature! Gigi is such a great shape- I'm sure it will be good for work. Also good to know about the legacy swingpacks..I was wondering about roominess.
    Great purchases!
  3. Congrats! They both look terrific on you!
  4. Both of those bags look great on you! I'm also thinking about getting the Gigi but in Whiskey. But, I'm also worried about the heaviness after I get my laptop and everything else in there...we'll see after I try it on at the store though. I've got a PCE card burning a hole in my pocket and I think the Gigi would be a perfect occassion for spending it!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  5. I love this bag, and I think it will be perfect for my work goodies! I think if you've got a PCE, this is the best time to get a Gigi tote. Trying both on at the store really helped me decide.

    I still miss leather. If they ever did this bag in natural, I'd probably end up with two gigis and a ban to end all bans!

    Here are a couple more pics...
    gigi_swingpack (Large).JPG gigi_inside (Large).JPG
  6. Those are beautiful bags and they look great on you! Nice that you've added some signature bags to your fabulous collection. The chocolate signature is so rich - very nice!:tup:
  7. They are beautiful! I LOVE the Gigi and the lining...:drool:.
  8. I love your chocolate Signature Gigi and you have great taste in bags. Congrats on your outstanding addition to your collection! I love totes too!
  9. I love your purchases!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate legacy signature!!! I just purchased the chocolate legacy shoulder bag and get soooooooooo many compliments on the color!!!!! It is just soooooooo rich and beautiful that I actually find myself sneaking peaks at it in store mirrors and windows!:graucho: What beautiful purchases you made!!!! ENJOY them!!!! They look GREAT on you!!!!
  11. Liz,

    Thank you so much! It seems that we both love a good tote, don't we? This bag has really great strucutre and is so light, which I'm hoping will help when I start schlepping my laptop and other items around!:p
  12. Thanks, Mommyville--I love this bag, too! I'm still getting used to the fact that I've bought a couple of sig pieces because I'm really a leather girl, but it's so light and it still looks dressy. The dark brown with the lining is so fun, and I'm very excited to have the swingpack since they sold out during PCE.

    I love how you match everything in your bags. For me, if my shoes match when I leave the house, I consider that day a success!:p
  13. Gorgeous!!!!!!!! I'm drooling!
  14. wow i love these!!! I'm so jealous look at that yummy lining!
  15. I LOVE GiGi in chocolate sig! Its not screaming "Coach" like some larger bags in khaki sig do, its light weight compared to leather, easy to care for (:tup:) and can be dressy or casual. You really can't go wrong with the brown siggy. I absolutely love it! The Legacy swingpack is gorgeous on you as well.......:yes: ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!