New Giant Hardware Messenger Style Bag?!?

  1. This news is kind of hidden in songofthesea's Really Need Help thread, so I thought I'd start a new one.

    Does anyone have photos of the new Giant Hardware messenger bag? What is the official name for this new style?

    According to songofthesea and nycmom, it is open at the top (no zipper) and has a strap that is long enough to be worn messenger style.

    BTW - in which stores did you guys see this style?
  2. This is the Besace (bersace?) bag mentioned in those pre-trunk show threads. I saw it at Barney's NY the other day in Sienna and came really close to buying it, though I think I'll wait to see it in Ocean and Steel. Next time I'm in Barney's I'll try to camera phone it :biggrin:

    It's basically the Flat Hobo from '02-'03 seasons with giant hardware. Very nice bag, and only $1125.
  3. I saw this style at Barney's Chestnut Hill in both ocean and cinnamon. I liked it except for the fact that there is an extra length of strap that hangs off one side even when it is at it's longest setting. At the shortest setting it was like having a long belt hanging off the side of the bag. I really didn't like this feature, otherwise I would have gone home with the ocean (love it with the SGH).
  4. Bummer...why can't Balenciaga get this right!!?? They really need input in the area of shoulder straps. ;)
  5. Do you mean it is like this 2002 hobo? (photo courtesy of a thread I found from toni22):

  6. Yes, like the one above. I saw it and loved it, but for me the strap was too short! If I bought one, I'd need that extra strap length to put another hole or two in!
  7. That's not a bad idea!
  8. What? Why can't they make it with the regular hw? What's up with Balenciaga reintroducing some of the best older styles (this, the flat clutch) but with giant hw?
    I really want this style, but I reeeally don;t know about the hw...
    What's next, a flat brass first with giant hw? :rolleyes:
  9. Love this style! Sure wish it came with RH........bummer.
  10. Me too cracker... If it came with regular hw I'd be all over it.
    Still... Do we know retail for this? Does anyone have pics?

    And I seriously think there is a Balenciaga mole among us who transfers all the PF hype to the headquorters! :ninja:
  11. hey mole if you're listening, count me in for requesting regular hardware on this style...i definitely would have bought it!

    p.s. i'm sorry i can't remember the price but i saw it at the nyc boutique
  12. It's 1125.
  13. omg!!! i love it with the giant hardware in silver...i saw it at barney's also...they have it in ocean, too...i don't know why SAs keep telling me that bbags don't wear am i supposed to start a collection with feedback like that!?!?!?!
  14. Thanks Violets! :flowers:
  15. Does it really look EXACTLY like that photo of the 2002 hobo, but with giant hardware? Does it even have that semicircle dip at the top of the bag? And does it have those same patches of leather on each side where the strap attaches?

    I remember LouiseyPeasey saying that this design made the bag ultra-durable, so I think you can rest easy, songofthesea. ;)