New GH Bags! What have you bought?

  1. I know quite a few BBag guys and gals aren't sold on the new GH bags. I like the GH on some of the bags, but don't have a sense of how many people are actually buying. If you have a GH bag, would you tell us which one, whether you like it, and please share a photo?
  2. I bought the city in black w/GH. The leather is thick, smooshy and overall gorgeous! I ADORE this bag! I would love to have another bag w/GH in the future - maybe a natural city or the new hobo. :love:
  3. I adore the GH and I have purchased 3!! Super naughty....I know!!!

    I have a Black City GH, Vermillion City GH and a Vert Gazon Day GH. I am truly in love with all three. They each fill a specific role.

    I'm new to BBags and am building a wardrobe and the GH really goes with my style. I wear lots of neutrals because I am a walking billboard for the jewelry I sell!!

    Having said that I am starting to buy regular hardware bags to round things out.

    I have a truffle twiggy on the way...... :yahoo:

    ......... then I'm done until I go to New York in May.......:shame:
  4. I've got the grass green day, the truffle brief, and a natural work on the way. I also have a white brief that I thought was going to be natural - so I'll probably be returning that one - if I dont get too attached lol. I have a good mix of both the reg. and gh. I really like both styles. :smile:
    kaitlyns camera 082.jpg
  5. Here's my Natural City again. I think I love her more each day. The leather is just TDF and the whole chic vibe of the bag is a fun break from my regular b-bags but STILL a b-bag! Sometimes I look over at her in the car and just want to :yahoo:!!

    natural 6.jpg
  6. Does anyone have the GH in the French Blue?? I'd love to see a picture of that's my favorite-I'm saving up for one right now!!! :smile:
  7. I don't have it but I saw it when I purchased my Vermillion. It was soooo beautiful. The only reason I didn't purchase it was because it didn't go with my wardrobe and the jewelry that I wear and it was a part-time and I wanted a city. It was really pretty though. That is the color in the US Weekly!!!
  8. Glimmer, your bag is so beautiful! I :heart: it so much!
  9. The GH bags are so gorgeous! Think I must get one!
  10. I have the Brief with GH in black and absolutely adore it!
  11. Ronda Girl did you miss my two gorgeous babies? here they are.:wlae:
    IMG_1988%20%282%29.JPG IMG_2222 (2).JPG
  12. These are all so beautiful.
  13. Is it the US weekly that's currently out? Who's on the cover so I can make sure to buy it? THX!! The part-time is the one I want!!!
  14. The more I see of them, the more I'm sold on them! I want Marine!