New GGH Part Time!! ... is it black or plomb??

  1. I've gone to the dark side....

    and purchased my first GH bag in part time!:yahoo: I really like the part time style--its so versatile and easy to wear, plus things don't get lost in it the way they do my north/south bags.

    But as much as I'm in awe of my new beauty, I'm a little confused. I purchased a black bag, but IRL I think it might be plomb? If it's black, the leather is not well saturated. I :heart:love:heart: it regardless, but would love to know what color it is! I also attached the tag for you experts to decipher.

    TIA! ~ Abbi
  2. I think because it says 2007 1 it can't be plomb, so it should be black? Congrats on your new beauty!!
  3. Its Black and beautiful! The style card says "1".
  4. Thanks south-of-france and romie-omie!
  5. I was also confused when I got my black GGH Work! Mine is also 2007 1. I got over it real quick the first time I took her out! Yes it's black but more of a light black, with midnight undertones - freakin love it! Here she is next to a darker Black RH City and Anthra:
    IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0488.jpg IMG_0485.jpg
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats :smile:
  7. You captured it exactly brunettetiger--it has almost bluish undertones. You're pictures also showcase that much better than mine! I just wore it out for the first time and I already got a compliment and one very envious stare. I'm totally head over heels for this bag!!
  8. abbi - yes expect many compliments! Post pics of your outfit!
  9. i sure its black... coz its from season 1... if its plomb the card should read 3....
  10. oo its lovely! Congrats!
  11. congrats!!!
  12. congrats, its gorgeous.