New generation of iPods

  1. Apple just "surprised" us common folk with a new generation of iPods.

    Personally, I am partial to the new Nano (infact I already ordered one) a bigger brighter screen and the ability to play movies are sweet new features. But what really sold me was it's Flash. The Itouch is insane!... but it's a hardrive and I don't like that...that's partly the reason why I didn't jump for the iPhone. I am extremely rough on my cell phones.

    Anyway. Discuss...
  2. I saw the nano last week in the store and I thought it was a little too small for me, but thats just my opinion. I think the itouch is cool, but if it could hold more songs than that would definitely be a plus. But since I just got an ipod in June for graduation, I don't think I'll be in the market for one for awhile. Enjoy yours though, would love to hear how it works!
  3. Actually I'm not sure that I would like the ITouch. I'd probably drop it once and that would be the end. I love my iPod video 30g. I'll probably stick w/ that.
  4. I have my ipod nano, the red edition one, but I really really liek the Itouch! I want to know what others think about before I get it, if I get it!
  5. i got the new ipod classic in an 80 for my sis and 160 for myself...its my first ipod and i love it. im considering getting an itouch but thinking if i should wait till they get more gbs on it.
  6. the new chubby nanos are so cute! I cant wait for x-mas :p
  7. I like the iTouch but it has a tenth of the storage space as the classic video ipod. I just can't justify spending the money on it. I can't wait until the 2nd generation comes out with more memory, maybe then I'll get one!
  8. I really like the new iPods. I'm asking for one for Christmas. I bought a shuffle 2 weeks ago and literally the next week the new colors came out. I think I will contact apple to see if I can switch it. Gotta love technology.
  9. you prob can (depending on the manager of the store). I bought the 4gb red nano when it came out last year and then 2 weeks later they came out w/it in the 8gb. I called the manager and said that yeah I had it two weeks and yeah I opened it. He said bring it in and we'll look at but you'll have to pay the restock fee. I didn't mind, I wanted the bigger ipod. So I got the 8gb!

    I actually just got the new chubster red nano in Hawaii while on vacation and came home and saw the touch IRL and then went and traded it in for the 8gb touch. Now my sis says I should get the 16gb instead. So I haven't opened the 8gb and trying to find the 16gb but it's not available anywhere yet.

    I too was concerned about it being so small in memory and so pricey but it's way too fun and cool to not get. Hmmm might have to think about this now!
  10. I would so scoop up the new nano if it came in purple like the shuffle does.
  11. I ordered 2 new 160Gig Ipods and I am waiting for them to be delivered today. I can't wait. My 80Gig is completely full with just music. I can finally add some more music and maybe a few videos. I have a feeling the 160 will be full very soon.
  12. YAY :yahoo: my two (one for me and one for my DH) new 160gig Ipods were just delivered. I am importing my music as I am typing this. I am so happy. :yahoo: Finally an Ipod with enough room for 1/2 of my music collection.
  13. holy cow girl! I think I need to come over to your house and download some music off your comp. I have had an 8gb for over a year now and it's still only half full.........or half empty!

  14. Me too!!!!
  15. I don't have an IPod but I am liking the look of the video nano totally cute

    just out of interest whats the US price on those?