New Garden Party with shoulder strap questions

  1. Hey ladies,
    I haven't paid too much attention to Garden Party totes but I think I MAY choose one over an Evelyne right now. I noticed a new one with a shoulder strap at H but didn't investigate. Does the strap come with the TPM size only, or with the pm size as well? Anyone know the price of these with the strap?

    THANKS!!! :shame:
  2. I vote Evelyn.
  3. ^ I like that one!
    I'm considering the green. Or maybe a dark blue?
  4. The TPM with the strap is more than the PM (which doesn't have a strap). I want to say the TPM is around $1800? Love the green!!!
  5. yea, i saw those too @ the boutique. very cute!
  6. GT, I seriously considered getting a Garden Party PM but after trying it on, it felt no different to my Birkin. Though I think it's a neat tote, I'm not in love with it. Maybe, you should stick to your first choice.
  7. ^ Yeah, I was up with my sick DD last night and could not stop rolling this around in my mind.
    I'm just not sure WHAT to get! (Evelyne, GP, save for JPG clutch?) ACK!

    This is in addition and shortly before or after the Bolide. THAT one is for sure!
  8. i have a leather GPT and if u have a birkin then this is similiar to that
  9. ^ but A LOT lighter! :smile:
  10. :yes:
    yes definitely a whole lot lighter
  11. That is such a tough choice. I'd go with the Evelyne but you know how I am partial to Miss Evelyne. But at some point I'd love to have a GP and a JPG clutch too. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  12. ^ We like the same bags, CB!
    I'm either going to get an Evelyne or something like a Dogon and a Karo.
  13. ^ :yes: We do! Ugh, I want a Dogon in the worst way! SF had some bi-color...:drool:
  14. I believe the strap comes with the TPM GP only, not the larger one. I tried it on this weekend and to be honest with you, I personally feel that the bag that size being nlined and mostly canvas is not worth its price. The strap is kinda flimsy. The larger one is more worth it since its only a couple hundred more but it cannot be carried messenger style. I think the Evelyne is more practical bag and more worth its price. I use mine a lot especially nowadays when its so cold and I just want to put my hands in my pockets.