new games collection

  1. have u guys ever heard of that collection? it comes with several board and card games.i went to my local store and they dont have any clue on what it is about.i felt soo embarrased as if im asking for an item that has never existd.

    andhow may i guide them into knowing it?was it a limited edition or sumthing?

  2. It might be something limited or special order.
    Along with that puzzle, they also have playing cards but those are both VIC gifts, not something you can buy.
  3. Never heard of it do you have any more info on it??
  4. I saw games in the Holiday Catologue. They were SO only.
  5. wierd. i would love a louis vuitton board game!
    first one with all of the bags wins!
  6. That would be so cute to have! Or an LV chess set!
  7. hmm... never heard of it:confused1:
  8. Are you referring to the VIC gift or an actual board game?
  9. here's a few photos that i snapped from the local mag:


    so is it really an SO? i just bought myself a set of hermes playing cards.since im into LV more than any other brands, i felt like i must have this one.:p
  10. I remember posting a pic of a [Backgammon? Chess?] set in another forum a while back... I'll see if I can find a pic of it. Oh it's only SO btw.
  11. Found the pic I was talking about:

  12. thankx to all u guys especially to john who uploaded ur pixx!princess couture thx also for the url.

    the unique thing about this one games set is that it features lots of games with dices, cards etc.:supacool:its just soo cute and adorable with the monogram and all.
  13. yes, they're part of the '06 Holiday catalogue (the one with the city lights on the cover). they include: Backgammon, cards, dominoes and dice games. each comes in a nice Damier mini trunk. the Chess set is from the men's 2005 F/W catalogue. your SAs are totally clueless! i'd recommmend they actually read the catalogues they give out ;)